Better treatment options. Better outcomes.
Better treatment options.
Better outcomes.

We are uniquely positioned to achieve a quantum leap in medical device architecture and performance

Temari Medical

By combining the technology of silicon microfabrication with traditional medical device design, Temari is developing a novel three-dimensional endovascular occluder.

The FDA deems there is a critical need for further advancements in minimally invasive treatment of cerebral aneurysms. These new endovascular treatments qualify for US FDA 510(k) fast track status, lowering the barrier for the introduction of a new device.

who we are

We are a team of veterans of the semiconductor and medical device industries with an exclusively licensed technology platform that represents a paradigm shift in medical device manufacturing.

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our edge

By applying semiconductor thin film manufacturing techniques to fabricate endovascular devices, we are introducing a new biocompatible material to address the limitations of existing products.

where we are now

Multiple patents filed covering a broad range of device features and methods. We have secured initial seed funding and have successfully developed initial concepts.